Mehendi imprints unveil core of the Indian tradition, and when it’s about getting ready for Indian festivals and celebrations these cool mehendi designs will do wonder. Check out girls! These 10 mehendi designs are trending in 2016 at almost every occasion.

1. Arabic Mehendi Design
Arabic Mehendi Design
Quite similar to Indian Mehendi designs, these are highly dense with decorative outlines. One of the toughest Mehendi designs, these are extremely popular worldwide that can be applied on hands or feet or both.

2. Back Mehendi Design
Back Mehendi Design
To give you an adventurous edge, this design let you showcase your back with Mehendi. From small to big intricate designs, this will give you a cool look and make you stand out-of-crowd.

3. Bangle Style Mehendi Design
 Bangle Style Mehendi Design
Mehendi around your wrist gives you a beautiful and trendy look. Perfect for cocktails and destination weddings, this design can be illumined with colourful stones around it to make you a style diva.

4. Glitter Mehendi
Glitter Mehendi
Mehendi accentuated with glitters is the latest trend that gives it a gleam look. A quirky way to decorate your hands, this design can give bold look with extensive glitter. For a subtle look, highlight the outlines and get stylish.

5. Lace Glove
 Lace Glove
One of unique and modern pattern, this Mehendi design is utmost intricate. Perfectly suits to a modern bride, this design gives an illusion of wearing a “lace glove”. The length of pattern can be set till wrist or arms in accordance with your choice.

6. Minimalist Mehndi Pattern
Minimalist Mehndi Pattern
A subtle designed which makes it different from usual Mehendi design that are considerably big. Beautifully imprinted on fingers as ring or on wrist or even on back of your neck – adds to your style statement.

7. Moroccan Mehndi Design
Moroccan Mehndi Design
Originated from Middle-east, this Mehendi design gets flaunted with merger of all sizes of rectangle, square and triangles. To give a distinct look, flowery patterns can be added along these geometrical shapes.

8. Mughlai Mehendi
Mughlai Mehendi
Every single curl or dot is accentuated boldly, it’s quite neat and detailed designing of Mehendi. A traditional and unique design with paisley and floral motifs being used in various formats and sizes.

9. Multi-Coloured Mehendi Designs
Multi-Coloured Mehendi Designs
A design accentuated with multi-colour Mehendis and crystals, gives a fashionable and chic look. Apt for brides, different colours and rhinestones adds appeal to the attire and reflect uniqueness.

10. Pakistani Mehendi Design
Pakistani Mehendi Design
A right combination of geometric, flowery and paisley shapes make the design elegant. It is more a combination of Indian and Arabic style of Mehendi designs that include elaborate designs on palm and back of hands

Let’s get into festive-spirits and go trendy with these distinctive mehendi designs!