Riddle Room
Source: OfficeChai

If you are in Bangalore or planning to visit Bangalore, then don’t forget to test your thinking skills at Riddle Room.

Riddle Room is an interactive game in which all the Players are kept inside a Room. The players will be given 60 Minutes time to unearth all the clues and Escape from the Room.

The Players must be quick and good observer to solve the problems. It will test your thinking skills and you will only have 60 Minutes to prove how good you are. If you are someone who Love Puzzles, Teamwork then it a must visit for you.

Riddle Room is definitely not like a Video Game, you have to solve various Riddles and ciphers to escape the Room.

Riddle Room is not just an ordinary Game. It helps you escape from reality. The Game consumes you so much that you will literally forget about the world while playing it.

Prices: Start From Rs. 450 Per Head
Address: Raheja Arcade Basement, B18, Siddam Setty Complex, Bangalore (Map)
Contact No.: +91 98862 61616
Timings: 12:30 PM – 8:00 PM